1.1 What is BigData666?

BigData666.net is a data visualization tool that is available in the form of an online app platform having many applications in gaming intelligence. The tool helps create interactive graphs and charts in the form of dashboards and worksheets to gain unprecedented gaming insights that allow one to devise strategies for complex games and emerge a winner. The tool is available as a cloud platform app and one just needs to have a browser and internet to use it anywhere, on any computing or mobile device.


1.2 What do you need to know before using BigData666?

You don’t need to know much to use BigData666, but still a basic awareness of all the types of graphs such as bar graph, wheel charts, histograms etc is preferred. Along with that it will be beneficial if you possessed some basic understanding of number trend, odds. For the uninitiated, we have included such concepts in our video tutorials.


1.3 To use BigData666, do you need to install software?

No, for dashboard products, you don't. This is a cloud platform app, that means as long as you have a browser and internet, you can use it anywhere even in space. However, you do need to sign up a free account.
Yes, for Roulette Robot Mac OS software, you need to download and install the software on your Apple's computers.


1.4 Can I create a free account?

The platform offers a free account that can help one to assess the tool’s functionality and features. One can instantly see all the tools to get a sense if this platform is useful for them.


1.5 Password Setting Suggestions

    Best Password Length: 16 digits
    Include Symbols: ( e.g. @#$% )
    Include Numbers: ( e.g. 123456 )
    Include Lowercase Characters: ( e.g. abcdefg)
    Include Uppercase Characters: ( e.g. ABCDEFGH)
    Sample Passwrod: nAme123! 


1.6 Billing and Cancellation

We don't refund what you have paid. You pay for it, you use it. If you don't like it, we would like to hear your feedback about how to build it better. Again, it's non-refundable. For Auto-Renew Cancellation, please email admin@bigdata666.com, No execuses needed.


1.7 Login Difficulties

If you encounter problems logging in, there are only two cases. One is that you have not verified your email, and the other is that your password is incorrect.


1.8 Why Can't I Login?

Shoot us an email with screenshot: admin@bigdata666.com


1.9 Computer Clock Must Be Up-to-date.

This is werid scenario. But it happens. Some user, their computer clock is not sync with the internet clock, so when you use our apps, our system might think your plan was expired. In order to avoid that, be sure your computer time-clock setting is up-to-date.


2.0 Which Browser Is The Best For Using Our Software?

Even though it's compatiable on all browsers. But we recommend Chrome browser.


2.1 How to cancel your subscription ?

Paypal Instruction.


2.2 How to cancel your subscription (iOS) ?

Here’s how to cancel subscriptions on an iPhone or an iPad Instruction


2.3 How to cancel your subscription (Android)?

After you double click the button on the page of pricing where you can see words "I am in" , yes, click that button again and you'll see a pop up says "Do you want to cancel", click YES. Then it'll be cancelled.


2.4 Sign-up E-mail invalid notice

Some user reported when they signed up on the android phone app, they see a notice "invalid E-mail", if you face the same problems, please try to use web app https://bigdata666.com/sign-up to register an account, you can use the same account to login your mobile app. If you still face difficulties with your account, shoot us an E-mail: admin@bigdata666.com


2.5 Roulette Robot Can't Open Issue ​

Please open your System Preference and search "System & Privacy", you will see a "Open Anyway" button, click that, then re-open the Roulette Robot app again, it'll work this time.

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